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Oh... pas trop patient lui...!!!

Oh... pas trop patient lui...!!!


La conductrice de ce poids lourd faisait une manoeuvre afin de dépasser un autre poids lourd qui roulait plus lentement qu'elle.

On sait tous que ceux-ci ne prennent pas 5 secondes pour dépasser un autre véhicule. Il aura fallu 1 minute à la conductrice pour enfin dépasser son collègue, mais le conducteur du Nissan blanc derrière elle s'impatientait...

Voyez comment il a fait savoir à la conductrice qu'il n'avait pas 1 minute à perdre derrière elle.... Quel idiot!!

This is my dash cam. I passed another truck that was going approx 5mph slower than me, who decided to speed up when I was almost past him. not my fault it took me a single minute (literally, only a minute) to pass him. this car apparently was mad he had to wait for me. and no, i didnt cut him off, he was a ways back when I got over to pass. This was in cedar rapids, IA. West bound hwy 30. right by the exit for Edgewood Rd. UPDATE:. Police contacted me. Can't do anything and was told to contact city attorney. The vehicle registration does NOT match the description of the driver. Driver was a male possibly in his early 50s. Have been told he lives in CR on/off of Williams Blvd, which is the exit we both took.

Posted by Chelse West on Friday, December 23, 2016

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